Effective Air Conditioning

Are you worried about the cost of running your air conditioner this season? Have a read of this article from Canstar Blue.



Some key points to keep in mind:

* Make sure the temperature you have your machine set on is correct. Setting it on 18 degrees at full blast when you come home from work will chew through electricity and increase your power bill. Consider setting a timer so your machine turns onto 24 degrees a couple of hours prior to getting home.


* Has your split system been cleaned in the last two years? Make sure you have cleaned your filters and had a deep clean at least every two years from a company such as Hydrokleen. You can reduce your energy use by up to 30% by ensuring your machine is clean.


* Did you buy an energy efficient machine to start with? Sometimes those cheap units from the big hardware stores are not really that cheap. Check out the star rating on the sticker to make sure you are buying a machine that is not going to cost you a fortune in the long run.



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